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Animated films can deliver complex information in a succinct and compelling manner.

They excel at communicating visually, making them a perfect choice for informing diverse communities.

Program: Footwork | Ethiopia

Best Foot Forward

Podoconiosis (PODO) is a devastating and disfiguring disease caused when bare feet are exposed to volcanic soil. It affects millions of people in more than 15 countries, yet is preventable and treatable with simple washing and proper footwear. If farm workers are educated, podo can be eliminated in our lifetime.

Footwork, The International Podoconiosis Initiative

Made possible through the generous support of George Family Foundation

Program: Heifer International | Worldwide

Not a cup, but a cow.

The vision for Heifer International was born out of that simple quote from Heifer founder Dan West as he worked to help devastated global populations after WWII . For 75 years Heifer has worked tirelessly to foster the idea of paying forward any help families receive to their neighbors and community. The impact of this vision has helped bring more than 34 million families out of poverty.

Program: NEST | Worldwide

Preventing Child Labor

Child labor is a scourge across the garment industry. It is especially common in home-based and subcontracted work as production and family life mix freely. NEST works to build a new handwork economy by sharing best practice advise globally. 

Program: m2m | South Africa

HIV-free Generation

Mothers2mothers (m2m) employs an army of African women in global efforts to eliminate pediatric AIDS and create healthy futures for mothers, their families, and communities. These health workers have helped more than 11 million women keep their babies healthy.

Program: Global Grassroots | Rwanda

Global Grassroots

Global Grassroots is transforming the lives of women by giving them the support they need to grow sustainable businesses and grow their communities.

With appropriate training, investment, and wellness initiatives, Global Grassroots has been able to create a more compassionate world.

Program: Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) | Worldwide

In the Business of Good

BSR believes that improvements for workers in the global supply chain comes from the top down, so they focus on training workers and industry leaders in gender-sensitive policies and how to best improve working conditions. When women in the workforce are equipped to succeed, they strengthen the whole supply chain.

Program: NEST| Worldwide

Achieving Fair Wages

Craft-based work is the second largest employer of women globally—providing a source of livelihood to those limited in their ability to work outside the home. Using universal standards for homes and small workshops, Nest is making female handworkers visible while promoting their fair access to social and economic opportunity.

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