Holding water

After a landslide contaminated their local water source, women in Ilalambyu Village – Kenya–  banded together to solve the problem. Thirty years ago, the early phases of climate change took away the river that used to run through here, but with support from CWS and a lot of hard work, women here constructed a sand dam that will bring it back. Now their whole village has a source of clean, fresh water once again.

For women here, every burden is on her shoulders and still she lacks power and voice. Nonetheless, they take to heart the motto on a local school buildings that shouts out, Unity is Strength and No Sweat, No Blessing. It is in that spirit they lift and carry pans of cement, pass rocks hand to hand, and continue to collect water in the riverbed just upstream from the unfinished dam.

Thirty-five years ago this was a permanent river but climate change has altered that. So with powerful women like, Eunice Sakayo, 26, wielding shovels, anything can be changed. The women don’t depend on their men most of whom are in Nairobi working or “working” their eyes say. It is proven that 95% of a woman’s earnings is turned back into the family and community compared to 40% of men’s earnings.




Executive Producer