Lucy Martens
Award-Winning Filmmaker and Journalist
Lucy Martens | Award-Winning Filmmaker and Journalist

With a passion for building bridges through filmmaking, Lucy has followed lives and captured voices from all corners of the world. As a cinematographer, director, and editor of documentaries and NGO films, her work has been broadcast on the BBC, PBS, ARTE, Al Jazeera International and CNN. She shoots full-length documentaries for the BBC, edits films for the United Nations, the World Food Programme, and shoots for National Geographic Learning. Her feature-length documentary, “Out of the Ashes” (BBC Storyville) was co-produced by Sam Mendes and won the British Grierson Award. She was the DoP for “Peace Unveiled”, one part of the 5 part PBS series “Women, War and Peace”, which won an Overseas Press Club’s Edward R. Murrow Award.

For her latest documentary “The Twelve”, she collaborated together with Le Ciel Foundation, capturing the long-forgotten wisdom and knowledge of twelve elders from around the world.